Little by little ...

We're trying extra hard to turn this into a great little neighborhood market.

In addition to Convenience store basics

We also offer fresh local produce, a fantastic fresh seafood department, great deli sandwiches, many specialty items, a surprising selection of craft beers, and so much more ...

So we're proud to be independently owned and operated - and maybe even a little old fashioned

But with plenty of fresh ideas - and some of the best products you can find. Thanks for shopping with us!

Oak Grove Market

The goal at this friendly little neighborhood market is to provide our local community with a full and diverse selection of your most commonly needed, and frequently requested grocery items.

We pair basic necessities with many interesting specialty items by featuring numerous upscale (premium quality, local, small batch production, and/or organic) products alongside nationally recognized brands names, plus economical alternatives.


Bruce Cost Ginger Ale … added to a Great Selection of Quality Sodas

With our location across from the high school, we realize young people will always make up a significant portion of our clientele. We also recognize what snacks many students gravitate toward. While we haven’t wanted to discourage their favorites, we have seen the opportunity to introduce some alternatives which feature fewer artificial ingredients, less sugar,… Read More >

Store Hours

Mon-Fri  10:00AM – 7:30PM

Sat-Sun 10:00AM – 6:00PM


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1000 Oak Grove Avenue
Burlingame, CA 94010
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